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What is PAWA




As can be seen from the Constitution of PAWA, the heart of the activities of PAWA is located in its Secretariat which is headed by the Secretary- General of PAWA. This Secretariat is located in Accra, Ghana. In 1991, the Government of Ghana granted full Diplomatic Status to the Secretariat of PAWA thus enabling it to relate with African governments, the AU and various institutions across the world in ways that would facilitate the ideas in its founding declaration and vision.



From its founding in November 1989, PAWA has engaged in a variety of activities within and outside Africa. These activities have included conferences, readings, lectures, performances and visits. PAWA has also organised specific programmes that target issues of major concern to Africa and humanity as a whole. Thus PAWA has organised writing competitions on HIV/AIDS and also encouraged writers to explore the themes of war and peace, discrimination, gender and development.


PAWA has been especially active in honouring African writers and encouraging/providing training to younger generations of writers to build upon and extend the best literary achievements of African and other writers in the world. In these and other activities, PAWA has collaborated with and received the support major institutions and individuals across the world. Thus the African Union and various African governments - those of Ghana, Libya, have provided tremendous support for the work of PAWA. Africa’s most prominent thinkers and writers including her Nobel Laureates - Wole Soyinka and Nadine Gordimer, - have played prominent roles in the activities of PAWA.         

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