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Chronicles of PAWA Activities (1989 -2013)



From its founding in November 1989, PAWA has engaged in a variety of activities within and outside Africa. These activities have included conferences, readings, lectures, performances and visits. PAWA has also organised specific programmes that target issues of major concern to Africa and humanity as a whole. Thus PAWA has organised writing competitions on HIV/AIDS and also encouraged writers to explore the themes of war and peace, discrimination, gender and development.


PAWA has been especially active in honouring African writers and encouraging/providing training to younger generations of writers to build upon and extend the best literary achievements of African and other writers in the world. In these and other activities, PAWA has collaborated with and received the support major institutions and individuals across the world. Thus the African Union and various African governments - those of Ghana, Libya, have provided tremendous support for the work of PAWA. Africa’s most prominent thinkers and writers including her Nobel Laureates - Wole Soyinka and Nadine Gordimer, - have played prominent roles in the activities of PAWA. Below, is a list some of the major activities of PAWA since its foundation in November 1989.



Planned for November 2013


An International Conference on the theme: “Celebrating The Life and Works of Chinua Achebe: The Coming Age Of African Literature?” to be attended by over 300 writers and guests from all over the world, the International Conference is planned for 5th – 8th November, 2013, at the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel, Accra, Ghana.


August 2013


The PAWA Secretary-General, chaired the Closing Ceremony of the OAU/AU @ 50 High Level Africa Forum (10th Edition and 21st Year Anniversary of Panafest/Emancipation, 3rd Think Africa Forum) at the Accra International Conference Centre on 3rd August, 2013.


August 2913


The (AU) Diaspora African Forum on 2nd August, 2013, presents to the PAWA Secretary-General, Prof. Atukwei Okai, the “Salute To The Diaspora Award, given for leadership and commitment to advocating, supporting and championing the cause of the African Union its development of Africa” on 2nd August, 2013, at the Homowo Conference Center of the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel, Accra, Ghana.


May 2013


The Pan-African Writers’ Association (PAWA) delivered a Solidarity Message at a flag-raising Ceremony in Accra, Ghana, to mark the 50th anniversary of the African Union or the Organization of African Unity (AU/OAU) on 25 May, 2013.


May 2013


The African Union Commission invited the PAWA Secretary-General to join in the Special Anniversary Summit on 25th May, 2013, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in celebration of the OAU/AU 50th Anniversary of the OAU/AU under the theme “Pan Africanism and African Renaissance.”


May 2013


The PAWA Secretary-General participated in the Celebration of Life Carnival in the Alex Ekueme Square in Awka, Anambra State, in honour of the late Prof. Chinua Achebe, on May 22, 2013 after which his coffin was accompanied to his ancestral home in Ogidi. Prof. Chukwemeka Ike, whose oration started the official ceremony of tributes in “Celebration of Prof. Chinua Achebe,” on 22nd May, 2013, at the Ekueme Square in Awka, Anambra State, Nigeria. Prof. Ike acknowledged “the warmly appreciated presence and participation of my friend, Prof. Atukwei Okai, the Secretary-General of the Pan-African Writers’ Association, who had come all the way from Accra, Ghana, to join us in celebrating the life of this great Son of Anambra, Nigeria and Africa, Chinua Achebe.”


April 2013


The PAWA Secretary-General, Prof. Atukwei Okai, as Chairman of the Anniversary National Planning Committee for the year long celebration of the OAU/AU 50th Anniversary, received Ghana’s torch to signify the perpetual flame of hope for the continent and the spirit of Pan-Africanism and African Renaissance. He pledged the commitment of the Committee to work towards the achievement of its objectives. This was at a press briefing in Accra by Ms. Hannah Tetteh, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration on 23rd April, 2013.


February 2012


Celebration of the 20th International African Writers’ Day and the 5th PAWA Annual Lecture by Emeritus Professor J.H. Kwabena Nketia on the theme: “Creative Transformations in Contemporary Contexts: Pan-Africansim as a Paradigmatic Strategy” Chair: Nana Kobena Nketsia V, Paramount Chief of Essikado Traditional Area, Western Region.


November 2011


Celebration of the 19th International African Writers’ Day; an International Colloquium on the theme: “Publishing, Copyright and the Rights of the African Writer in a Globalised World” Chaired by Akilagpa Sawyerr. Participants: Madam Akoss Ofori-Mensah; Mr. Albert Ocran, Mr. Charles Crabbe, Mr. Lawrence Darmani, Mr. Elliot Agyare, Mr. Asare Konedu-Yiadom and Prof. Atukwei Okai.


May 2011


In celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Ethiopian Writers’ Association, an International Conference of African Writers was organised jointly by the Ethiopian Writers’ Association, the Academy of Ethiopian Languages and Cultures, the institute of African Studies of the Addis Ababa University and the Pan African Writers’ Association (PAWA) from May 2 – 4, 2011, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. 35 delegates. Participated the following countries. Tog, Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Libya, Gabon, Zimbabwe, and Malawi. The others were Liberia, Uganda, Sudan, Western Sahara, Senegal, Rwanda, Kenya and Swaziland.


November 2010


Celebration of the 18th International African Writers’ Day; a Colloquium on “The Rights Of The African Writer in a Globalised Electronic Era”, featuring: Mr. Elliot Agyare; Sambalikagwa Mvona; and Kwesi Gyan-Appenteng.


October 2010


The Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA) invites the PAWA Secretary-General to deliver the Keynote Address at the International Conference on 50 years of Writing of J.P. Clark at the University of Lagos, Nigeria, on 30th October, 2010: “Casualties, Innovations and Perspectives.” Prof. Okai’s theme was: “Historical Chamelionisation and the Anti-palanquinity Consciousness; Human beings as Casualties of the Womb and Writers as Murderers of the Gods – the Creational Marathon of J.P. Clark.” Chairman: Elech Amadi


December 2009


The PAWA Secretary-General attended the Third World Festival of Negro Arts in Dakar, Senegal.


November 2009


The PAWA Secretary-General, as a veteran of the First Pan-African Cultural Festival of 1969, was invited as a Guest of Honour by the Algerian Ministry of Culture to the Second Pan-African Cultural Festival in Algiers, Algeria.


November 2009


PAWA organizes the 17th International African Writers’ Day, (established by the OAU) and the 20th PAWA Anniversary celebration, on the theme, Languages, Literature and Society In A Fractured World in Accra. The keynote address was delivered by Wole Soyinka. It also organized the 20th PAWA Anniversary Banquet and Awards Ceremony. Writers honoured were Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah; John Coetzoe, Nobel Literature Laurate from South Africa. Maya Angelou of the USA; Gabriel Okara, J.P. Clarke, Chukwuemeka Ike all of Nigeria. Omar Salem Elhadji of Libya; Nawal El Saadawi and Mohammed Salmawy, both of Egypt; Keoropetse Kgositle of South Africa; and D.D. Phiri of Malawi. Writers who attended included: Prof. Abiola Irele, Prof. Festus Iyayi, Ayebia Clark, Lawal Solarin, and David Mungoshi of Zimbabwe. The PAWA delegation comprised the PAWA Secretary-General, Prof. Atukwei Okai, Prof. Noureini Tidjani-Serpos, Deputy Director-General of UNESCO (for Africa), Prof. Femi Osofisan, PAWA Vice-President for West Africa, Koumanthio Zeinab Diallo, Guinean poetess, and Prof. Justine Mintsa, Honorary President of the Writers’ Association of Gabon. The others were Mr. Alioune Badara Beye, President of the Senegalese Writers’ Association and Coordinator – General of FESMAN III, Prof. Andries Oliphant, President of the South African Writers’ Association, Ambassador Silcarneyni Gueye, Vice-President of the Senegalese Writers’ Association and Mr. Mamadou Traore Diop, General Secretary of the Senegalese Writers’ Association and Deputy Secretary-General of PAWA.


March 2009


Presentation of the PAWA Bronze Portrait Plaque of Honour to H.E. President Abdoulaye Wade of Senegal by the PAWA Delegation, during the third meeting of the International Orientation Committee of the third edition of the World Festival of Black Arts (FESMAN III – 2009) on 2nd March, 2009, in Dakar, Senegal. This was in appreciation of the inspiring level of support the President has been giving to the promotion of African culture as well as for his dedication to the development of the African literary world.


November 2008


The 4th PAWA World Poetry Festival on the theme: “ A gathering of the family, in the middle of a century, at the centre of the Earth: Accra”, at the Wole Soyinka and Naguib Mahfouz Courtyards, PAWA House, Accra (4th, 6th November, 2008). Guest of Honour: Prof. Noureini Tidjani-Serpos, Deputy Director–General of UNESCO (for Africa). The participants included: Denja Abdulai, Arundhathi Subramanian (India) Tanure Ojaide, Kwame Dawes, Omar Salem El Hadji, and Setheli Ashong-Katai. Others were Nii Anum Telfer, Klorkor Okai, Wale Okediran, Silcarneyni Gueye, and Fred Agbobli.


November 2008


International Writers’ Seminar on the theme: “Manufacturing the New African Future: The Factor of Culture,” at the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel, Accra, (4th, 5th, 7th November, 2008). Participants included: Prof. Noureini Tidjani-Serpos, Deputy Director General (for Africa) of UNESCO, Hon. Mr. S.K. Boafo (the Minister of Chieftaincy and Culture of Ghana), Hon. Prince Adetokumbo, (the Federal Minister of Culture and Tourism of Nigeria) Hon. Mr. Mame Birame Diouf (the Minister of Culture, Historic Patrimony, National Languages and Francophonie of Senegal), Prof. Emeritus J.H. Nketia of Ghana, Prof. Andries Oliphant of South Africa, Hon. Dr. Wale Okediran, President of the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA) and Dr. Elizabeth Moundo, country Director of UNESCO, Ghana. Others were Prof. Asare Opoku, Ayesha H. Atta, Dr. Klorkor Okai, Meshack Asare, Dr. Lesley Lokko, Prof. Emerita Anne Adams and Mr. Elie Charles Moreau, Mr. Elliot Agyare, Dr. Esi Sutherland Addy, Ambassador Silcarneyni, Baffour Ankomah, Mrs. Madiguene Niang and Dr. Ahmed Fagih. Prof. Emeritus J.H.K. Nketia delivered the keynote Address: “Consolidating The African Experience in contemporary contexts: Prospects and Challenges.”


April 2008


The Secretary-General paid a working visit to Lome, Togo from 18 – 23 April, 2008, where he met with the Togolese Minister of Communication, Culture and Civic Education as well as the Executives of the Association of Togolese Men of Letter (AGLT). Guests of Honour: Hon. Mrs. Betty Mould-Iddrissu, Minister of Education, Prof. Ernest Aryeetey, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Ghana, Legon, and the Illustrator, Mr. Philip Amanoo. PAWA hosted the launch of three volumes of verses and chants for children by the Secretary-General, Prof. Atukwei Okai: “The Anthill In The Sea”, “A Slim Queen In A Palanquin” and “A Papwpaw On A Mango Tree.” Chairperson: Dr. Joyce Aryee; Special Guest of Honour: HRM King Tackie Tawia III, Ga Mantse, represented by Oberimpong Nii Kojo Ababio, Ngleshi Mantse.


March 2008


The Secretary-General attends Regional Institutional Capacity Development Dissemination Workshop organized by Family Health International in Cotonou, Benin, from March 26 – 28, 2008.


March 2008


PAWA Secretary-General attends Regional Workshop on HIV/AIDS which was organized by the AWARE – HIV/AIDS/FUTURE GROUP INTERNATIONAL held in Bamako, Mali, from March 11 – 14, 2008.


February 2008


PAWA, in collaboration with the German Writers Union (GWU), organized a two-day writers’ meeting in Accra at PAWA House from 10 – 11 February, 2008, on the theme, “Writers Meeting In Accra: Looking Ahead”. A Memorandum Of Understanding was signed between GWU and PAWA.


November 2007


The Secretary-General on 27th November, 2007, held discussions with Dr. Sohair Matwasty, the Chief Librarian of Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Alexandriana, Egypt.


November 2007


The PAWA Secretary-General was invited to attend the inaugural Mo Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in Africa Leadership Ceremony at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, in Alexandria, in Egypt on 26th November, 2007.


November 2007


The 15th International African Writers’ Day was celebrated at PAWA House on 7th November, 2007, with the launching of the PAWA official website, www.panafricanwritersassociation.org as the highlight. The Minister of State at the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports, Hon. Ms. Elizabeth Ohene, was the Special Guest of Honour.


November 2007


The 4th PAWA Annual Lecture which was on the theme “Shifting the gains of the glass: The African Dictator and the making of African Unity” was delivered by the PAWA Vice-President for West Africa, Prof. Femi Osofisan, under the chairmanship of Prof. Akilakgpa Sawyerr, the Secretary-General of the Association of African Universities (AAU), on 6th November, 2007, at PAWA House.


September 2007


Reading sessions were held for the winners of the “Writers Against HIV/AIDS” competition in some selected schools in Accra from 26th – 29th September, 2007.


September 2007


The “Writer Against HIV/AIDS” awards night was held at PAWA House on 26th September, 2007. The Deputy Minister of Health, Dr. Mrs. Gladys Ashitey, was the Special Guest of Honour.


September 2007


A delegation of distinguished African writers from across the continent led by the Secretary-General attended an international symposium on the theme “The Black Continent – From the Organization of African Unity to the African Union,” in Sirte, Libya from 6th – 7th September, 2007, which was organized by the General Council for Culture of Libya.


July 2007


The President of the Republic of Ghana H.E. John Agyekum Kufuor conferred on the PAWA Secretary-General a “Member of the Order of the Star of the Volta” award during the National Awards Day on July 1, 2007 at the Accra International Conference Centre.


May 2007


PAWA, with support from UNESCO and in collaboration with the Ghana Association of Writers, organized a workshop with the theme “Copyright, The Creator and National Development” at PAWA House from 1 – 2 May, 2007.


June 2006


The Pan African Writers’ Association (PAWA) is appointed by His Excellency President Abdoulaye Wade to serve as a member of the International Orientation Committee for the Third World Festival of Black Arts (Fesman III) in Dakar, Senegal in 2008.


June 2006


The Pan African Writers’ Association (PAWA) launches a PAWA’s Writers Against HIV/AIDS In Africa Project in order to raise consciousness of African writers about the role that they can and need to play in an effort to roll back the footprints of the scourge.


June 2006


The Secretary-General of the Pan African Writers’ Association is granted audience by His Excellency, the Minister of State for Culture and Tourism, Mr. Mohamad Gaas, at the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on 23rd June, 2006.


June 2006


The Commission of the African Union invited the Pan African Writers’ Association to attend the Launching of the 2006 As The Year of African Languages and Inauguration of the Interim Governing Board of the African Academy of Languages (ACALAN) on 20th – 22nd June, 2006, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.


May 2006


At the invitation of the Malawian Writers Union (MAWU), the PAWA Secretary-General, Prof. Atukwei Okai, paid a five-day working visit to Malawi from 30th May to 4th June, 2006. It was meant for him to hold consultations with the Malawian Writers, on their programmes, achievements and challenges, and to offer them encouragement and guidance. On behalf of the President of the Republic, Dr. Mutharika, the PAWA Secretary-General was granted audience by the Leader of Government Business who is also Minister of Energy and Mining, Honourable Chimunthu Banda, M.P., at his Ministry in Lilongwe. Present at the meeting were the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry, the Commissioner for Culture, Dr. Elizabeth Gomani, the MAWU President, Mr. Stanley O. Kenani, who is also the Acting PAWA Treasurer as well as the MAWU General Secretary and Treasurer.


May 2006


PAWA and the Ghana Association of Writers (GAW) hosted 700 delegates of the 32nd Annual Conference of the African Literature Association (ALA) at a WRITERS’ SOIREE, an Evening of readings and performances. It was under the chairmanship of Prof. Atukwei Okai, the PAWA Secretary-General, at the Wole Soyinka and Naguib Mahfouz Courtyards of PAWA House, on 19th May, 2006. The listed readers included Prof. Kamau Brathwaite, Prof. Ngugi wa Thiong’O, Prof. Niyi Osundare, Lawrence Dramani, Dr. Rex Quartey, Prof. Abena Busia, Dr. Benjamin Kwakye, and Setheli Ashong-Katai. The evening’s programme included (a) The Fonlon-Nicholas Prize Awards Ceremony and (b) the presentation of the 1st African Edition of African Literature Today.


April 2006


The Pan African Writers’ Association participated in a meeting of the Preparatory Committee for the International Conference for Afro-Asian Writers, on the theme,” Culture and Intellectuals Under Hegemony” in Cairo, Egypt. It was organised by the Afro-Asian People’s Solidarity Organisation (AAPSO), the Arab Writers’ General Association, the Russian Writers’ Association and the Progressive Writers’ Association of India.



November 2005


The Thirteenth International African Writers’ Day Celebration, on 7th November, 2005, at the Wole Soyinka and Naguib Mahfouz Courtyards of PAWA House. Guest of Honour: H. E. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo, M.P., Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Ghana.


November 2005


The Pan African Writers’ Association (PAWA) was invited to participate in an international conference in Cairo, organised by the Egyptian Writers’ Union, on the theme, “The Role of the Writers in Our Present World.”


September 2005


PAWA Secretary-General presents paper at the 50thAnniversary Conference of the 1st Congress of Black Writers and Artists (1956), organized by the Presence Africaine and the African Community of Culture at the Sorbonne and UNESCO (19 – 22 September, 2006), Paris, France. Paper presented: “The Writer As The Compass Finger Of The People’s Consciousness – The Mid – Century Imperatives For African Literature In A Globalised World.”


August 2005


A delegation of writers from the Pan African Writers’ Association (PAWA) participated in a Pan-African Conference of Trade Unions and Civil Society Organisations for the promotion of the fast-tracking of Africa’s Political, Social and Economic Integration: Sirte, Libya, 9 – 10 September, 2005. This was at the invitation of the General Federation of Producers Trade Unions (GFPTU) of Libya.


July 2005


A delegation of writers from the Pan African Writers’ Association participated in an International Symposium with the theme, “The Arab African Cultural Relation’s A Futuristic Aspect And The African Writers’ Diaspora” which was held in for Sirte City from 31st July, to 3rd August, 2005. The Symposium was organised by Authors and Writers’ Association of Libya and the Arab Writers’ Union.


April 2005


The Pan African Writers’ Association (PAWA) was selected and mandated, as an international organization, to perform the role of a nominating body for all Africa and propose an African writer or illustrator of children’s literature for consideration for the award of the world’s largest prize for children’s literature. The prize, named after Astrid Lindgren and administered by the Swedish National Arts Council, bears a prize money of five million Swedish crowns (about US$655,000).


November 2004


The 12th International African Writers’ Day Celebration and Anniversary Reception at PAWA Secretariat, (the Wole Soyinka and Naguib Mahfouz Courtyard), PAWA House, 8th November, 2004. (Guest of Honour: The Minister of Education, Youth and Sports, Hon. Kwadwo Baah Wiredu.)


February 2003


“An Evening with Mandla Langa,” a distinguished South African Writer, at the Leopold Sedar Senghor Seminar Hall, PAWA House, Accra, 1st February, 2003. The guest of honour was His Excellency the High Commissioner for South Africa.


June 2003


“An Evening With Omar Salem El Hadji,” the launching ceremony for his book of poems, “Ghana Reveals Her Secrets,” (translated from the Arabic, and published in Ghana.) at the Wole Soyinka Courtyard of PAWA House.


November 2003


11th International African Writers’ Day Celebration at PAWA Secretariat, (the Wole Soyinka and Naguib Mahfouz Courtyards) PAWA House, 7th November, 2003, (Guest of Honour: The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo).


November 2002


The Tenth International African Writers’ Day Anniversary and Awards Reception at PAWA Secretariat, (the Wole Soyinka and Naguib Mahfouz Courtyards) PAWA House, Accra. 7th November, 2002, (Guest of Honour: The Chairman of the Council of State, Prof. Alexander A. Kwapong.)


October 2002


One Day Writing Workshop for School Children, organized by the Ghana Association of Writers’ (G.A.W), at the Dei Anang Rotunda, PAWA House, Accra, 18th October.


October 2002


Launching of the collection, “Solma: Tales from Northern Ghana” by G.A. Agambila, published by the Ghana Universities Press, at the Wole Soyinka and Naguib Mahfouz Courtyards, PAWA House, Accra, 16th October, 2002.


July 2002


The PAWA Secretary-General delivered a statement on behalf of PAWA (as Strategic Partner) at the Africa’s 100 Best Books Of The Century Awards Gala Celebrations at the Podium Hall, of Cape Town Civic Centre, in Cape Town, South Africa, on 27th July, 2002. Speakers included former President Nelson Mandela, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and Prof. Ali Mazrui.


July 2002


At the invitation of the Minister of Culture of the Republic of South Africa, the PAWA Secretary-General, Mr. Atukwei Okai, participated in the first National Writers Conference of South Africa, in Pretoria, on June 21 – 23 June, 2002, and delivered a paper on the theme, “The Broomstick And The Broom; The African Writer As Africa’s Digitman.”


April 2002


The Launching of a new novel “Serwah-the Saga of An African Princess” by Rita Akoto Coker, at the Wole Soyinka Courtyard, PAWA House, Accra, 24th April, 2002.


November 2001


The Nineth lnternational African Writers’ Day Anniversary and Awards Reception at PAWA Secretariat, 7th November, 2001, PAWA House(Guest of Honour: The Minister of Education of the Republic of Ghana, Hon. Prof. Christopher Ameyaw-Akumfi).


November 2001


The Ninth International African Writers’ Day Programme, “In The Laboratory of An African Creator: An Evening With Emeritus Professor J.H. Kwabena Nketia”, (A world renowned African Scholar, Composer, Poet, Musician and Ethnomusicologist) Theme: “Modes of Meaning: My Life and Work”. organsied by the Pan-African Writers Association, at PAWA House, 5th November, 2001.


February 2001


The PAWA Secretary-General had a meeting with the executives of the Libyan Writers’ League in Tripoli, Libya, on 24th February, 2001, at the League’s headquarters.



November 2000


The Eighth lnternational African Writers’ Day Celebration (at the PAWA Secretariat, 7th November 2000, PAWA House Accra).


November 2000


The Third PAWA Annual Lecture by Dr. Nathan Shamuyarira, former Foreign Affairs Minister of Zimbabwe, on the theme, “Pan Africanism and the challenges of Globalization, “at PAWA House, ACCRA, 2 - 3, November, 2000.


November 1999


The PAWA lnternational Workshop on the Theme: “The African Writers ln The New Millennium” (Topics: The Writer and the New Technologies; The Writer and Publishing and Copywright; The Writer and Civic Freedom), 2 - 4 November, 1999. Keynote Speakers, H.E. Dr. Salim Ahmed Salim, OAU Secretary-General; The Rt. Hon. Justice D.F. Annan, Speaker of Parliament; The Hon. Dr. Ojo Madukue, Federal Minister of Communication of Nigeria, 2 - 4 November, 1999, Accra lnternational Conference Centre, Accra. The others were: J.H. Kwabena Nketia, Mongane Wally Serote, Chanel Soomery, Titinga Frederic Pacere, Star Nyaniba Hammond, Kojo Gyinaye Kyei, Odia Ofeimun, Molefi Kete Asante, H.K. Kaul.


November 1999


The PAWA Tenth Anniversary Dinner Dance and Awards Ceremony, The Great Hall, University of Ghana, Legon, November 6, 1999. (Guest of Honour: H.E. Dr. Salim Ahmed Salim, OAU Secretary-General).


November 1999


The Seventh lnternational African Writers’ Day Celebration, (at the PAWA Secretariat, 7th November, 1999, PAWA House, Accra).


November 1999


The Second PAWA World Poetry Festival on the theme: “Readings on the Eve of the New Millennium,” at The Great Hall, University of Ghana, Legon Accra 1st - 2nd November, 1999. (Participants: Mohammed L.A. Saihi, Catherine Acholonu, Massimo Baistrocchi, Naa Ameley Ayensu, Fred Agbobli, Everett Hoagland, Abena Busia, Mamadou Traore Diop, Rex Quartey, Gaussou Diawarra, Naa Deedei Armah, A. Okai).


May 1999


The Aleksander Pushkin Bicentennial Jubilee Evening organised by the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Accra and the Pan African Writers’ Association (PAWA) at PAWA House, Accra, May, 1999, Keynote Address delivered by the PAWA Secretary-General.


Mach 1999


On 4th March, 1999, PAWA and the University of Ghana Jointly organised the launching of a book entitled “ A History of the University of Ghana, 1948 - 1998” as part of the Golden Jubilee celebrations marking the 50 years of the founding of the University of Ghana, on 4th March, 1999.


January 1999


On January 12, 1999, PAWA hosted the launching of a book entitled “EIGHTEEN PENCE’, by R.E. Obeng, edited and annotated by Kari Dako, Lecturer of English Department of the University of Ghana. The book first published in 1943, then reprinted in 1970, is reputed to be the first published novel in West Africa.


November 1998


The PAWA Secretary-General, was the guest speaker at the Annual Enterprise Development Forum, a gathering of about 700 leading businessmen and women, politicians and diplomats. His theme was “Dedication to the African Renaissance: Crossing the Rubicon of Time and double-Crossing the Guillotine of Time” It took place at Vodaworld, Midrand, in South Africa.


November 1998


PAWA Secretary- General performs his poem The Bond Oath of Ubuntu at the State Banquet given by President Nelson Mandela in honour of the Chilean President, at the State House, Pretoria, South Africa, on 10th November, 1998.


November 1998


The Sixth International African Writers’ Day programme, “ln the Laboratory of An African Creator: An Evening with Edward Ayensu” organised by the Pan African Writers Association, at PAWA House, 7th November, 1998. Keynote Address was delivered by Mr. Sam Jonah, Chief Executive of Ashanti Goldfields Corporation.


November 1997


Pan African Writers’ Association (PAWA) Fifth International African Writers’ Day celebration – A Grand Anniversary Reception at the Wole Soyinka and Naguib Mahfouz Courtyards, PAWA House, Accra, 7th November, 1997.


November 1997


The PAWA International Colloquium on the theme: Readership and African Literature: Developmental Objectives and Strategies” Pan African Writers’ Association (PAWA). Accra lnternational Conference Centre, Accra, November, 1997.


November 1997


The First PAWA World Poetry Festival, Pan-African Writers’ Association (PAWA). National Theatre, Accra, November, 1997.


November 1997


The PAWA Poetry Forum on the theme: “Poetry ln The New Millennium: Tradition, Modernity and ldentity,” Pan-African Writers’ Association (PAWA), Accra International Conference Centre, Accra, November, 1997.


November 1997


Pan-African Writers’ Association (PAWA) Fifth International African Writers’ Day Celebrations: SECOND ANNUAL LECTURE, by Nadine Gordimer, 1991, South African Nobel Literature Laureate: “The Status of The Writers ln The World: Which World, Whose World?” PAWA House, Accra, November, 1997.


November 1996


Pan-African Writers’ Association (PAWA) Fourth African Writers’ Day Celebration: FIRST PAWA ANNUAL LECTURE by Prof. Ali A. Mazrui: “The African Condition since Kwame Nkrumah’s Fall, 1966-1996”, PAWA House, Accra, November, 1996.


November 1996


Pan-African Writers’ Association (PAWA) Fourth International African Writers’ Day Celebrations: PAWA International Roundtable on the theme: “African Literature on the threshold of the 21st Century”, PAWA House, Accra, November, 1996.



November 1995


The Third International African Writers’ Day Celebration, 5th and 6th November, 1995, on the theme: The African Writer and Critical Consciousness, PAWA House, Accra.


June 1995


A three-man PAWA delegation, led by Prof. Atukwei Okai, PAWA Secretary-General, visited Libya at the invitation of His Excellency Brother Muammar Ghadaffi. The delegation was granted audience by the Libyan leader at his home, in Sirte. The other members of the delegation were the Deputy Secretary-General Mamadou Traore Diop and the Treasurer, the late Mahamadou Sai. The visit was in connection with the publication of the Libyan leader’s book of short stories. The Libyan leader was decorated with the following: PAWA’s highest honour: Honorary Membership of PAWA.

  1. The PAWA Noble Patron of the Arts Award.
  2. The PAWA Stool of Royalty, (with the symbol of PAWA carved into it).
  3. The Libyan leader was enrolled as a member of PAWA. (He signed the Membership Form).


September 1994


The International Symposium on the theme: “Africa On The Threshold of the 21st Century” by the Pan African Writers’ Association (PAWA), Accra; lnternational Conference Centre, Accra and the PAWA House, Accra, Ghana, September 26-29, 1994. (Participants: Hon. Mrs. Winnie Mandela, Deputy Minister of Culture of South Africa, Molefi Asante, J. Hendrick Clarke, Ali Mazrui, Patrick Wilmot, K.N. Arkaah, Kofi Agovi, Winnie Mandela, K.B. Asante, A. Okai, Ansa-koi, Hassan Sunmonu, Gozo Zoumanique).


November 1994


A Press Conference and later in the month, there was a ceremony where 15,000 copies of the famous novel “Native Son” by Richard Wright, the African-American Writer, was presented by his daughter as a gift to PAWA, for distribution to school children throughout Africa to mark its 50th year since its publication.


November 1994


The Second International African Writers’ Day Celebration on 7th November, 1994, PAWA House, Accra. Speakers…




The First International African Writers’ Day Celebration, 1st - 7th November, 1993, on the theme: “The African Writer on a Continent in Turmoil”, PAWA House, Accra.


May 1993


The Symposium on “Africa, the OAU and the 21st Century,” May, 1993, (PAWA Secretariat) PAWA House, Accra, Ghana. Speakers...


December 1992


Flag raising Ceremony to mark the granting of full Diplomatic Status to the PAWA Secretariat by the Ghana Government, after the ceremony of the signing of the Headquarters Agreement with the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ghana, PAWA House, Accra, December 1992.


October 1992


The Pan-African Writers Association (PAWA) and the Nigerian Association of Writers (ANA), organise the PAWA Endowment Fund Launching Ceremony, “Eko L’ Hotel, Meridian, Lagos, Nigeria, October, 1992. Writers honoured were: Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa; Prof. Wole Soyinka, Prof. Chinua Achebe, Christopher Okigbo, Amos Tutuola, H.E. (Chief) Olusegun Olusola, Mr. Ken Saro-Wiwa, and Dr. Bode Sowande. The others were: Dr. Festus Iyayi, Prof. Kole Omotosho, Mr. Odia Ofeimun, Prof. Niyi Osundare, Prof. Femi Osofisan, Mr. Bayo Oduneye, Dr. Wale Okediran and Mr. Tam Fiofori.


September 1991


The International African Writers’ Day. The Conference of African Ministers of Education and Culture, meeting in Coutonou, Benin, on 9th September, 1991, made a resolution to the effect that an International African Writers’ Day be celebrated in all African countries and in the International community each year, on 7th November, the birthday of PAWA. This will afford the African people a moment of pause within which to reflect on the contribution of African writers to the development of the continent.


November 1990


The PAWA Secretary-General, on behalf of African writers, salutes Mr. Nelson Mandela, with a performance of his poem Mandela The Spear, immediately after Nelson Mandela’s address at the Mandela Forum. (organized by the Ghana Government during his first official visit to Ghana) at the Accra International Conference Centre.  The performance of the poem was the only other item on the programme. The event was broadcast live on State Television on 9th November, 1991.


September 1990


“Salute to Salim Ahmed Salim”, special PAWA Programme in honour of the OAU Secretary-General, H.E. Dr. Salim Ahmed, under the chairmanship of Nana Akuoko Sarpong, chairman of the National Commission on Culture at PAWA House, Accra, September 1991.


February 1990


Official Outdooring of the PAWA Secretariat Building, PAWA House, by the Minister of Finance and Economic Planning of Ghana, February, 21 1991.


November 1989


The Constituent Congress of the Pan-African Writers’ Association (PAWA) on the theme: “African Unity: A Liberation of the Mind”, by the IPC of PAWA, OAU, UNESCO), Kwame Nkrumah Conference Centre, Accra, Ghana, November, 7 - 11, 1989.