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PAWA logo

Contact Us

PAWA Secretariat

PAWA House

Roman Ridge



P. O. Box C456,

Cantoment, Accra

Ghana, West Africa


Telephone: 233 (0) 30 277 3062

Fax: 233 (0) 30 276 0038

Email: pawahouse@gmail.com




Fraudulent emails and web sites

With PAWA logo freely available online, many official looking but fake web sites and emails have surfaced. Scam emails and announcements for public events, conferences, appointments and titles, awards, lotteries and solicitations in the name of PAWA have become more and more common. Some of these scams have been brought to our attention and we are alerting the public to help ensure people do not provide their personal information or take action based on these fraudulent communications. We urge you to be suspicious of unsolicited emails, phone calls and texts that ask for personal or financial information.


Potential fraud or corruption

PAWA is committed to the highest standards of accountability and responsibility. If you suspect or are aware of any instance of inappropriate use of PAWA resources, please report it immediately.